Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Why Madonna's BRIT Awards moment was nothing to laugh about

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Okay. So prosecco just happened and only truth happens when prosseco happens so bare with me, this could get messy. I just watched the Brit awards with my mother, something we genuinely do together every year. Even if you didn't already know that the Brits were happening, I'm sure you will know that Madonna fell. It was dramatic. I'm not sure my heart has ever stopped beating for around 15 consecutive seconds before but it totally just did. 

To clear things up, technically, madonna did not fall. She was actually dragged by the neck down quite a few stairs. She fell on her back. Literally on her back. As a result of course, the internet were in tears. Because what's more hilarious than a 56 year old woman being dragged to the floor by her neck, am I right?!

Here are a few of the HILARIOUS comments I saw on my twitter feed;

And lets not get started on the every other tweet being that Incredibles joke or 'have you had an accident that wan't your fault?'


Let me remind you all who Madonna is;
  • a young girl who arrived in NYC with $35 in her pocket and 10 years later became one of the biggest names in show business
  • one of the most powerful feminists in, um, history. 
  • a single mother of four beautiful children
  • an extremely intelligent woman with an IQ of 140
As we have already discussed, this woman was dragged down several stairs by her neck. But what happened next was truly incredible. Madonna got right back up and sung and danced her way through the full 4 minutes left of her set. I would have called out for an ambulance and cried, probably. 

Luckily Madge posted an instagram photo a little while after the stumble to let everyone know "My beautiful cape was tied too tight! But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I'm fine!" Basically, she's great.

What a time to be alive.


  1. You can't fake what she's got. Just saying!

  2. I wasn't able to watch the BRIT's this year so when I heard about it on twitter and saw the video I was in shock! The way she picked herself back up again was amazing, a true professional and role model right there!

    Minae |

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  4. I felt so so sorry for her! If it was me I would have just started crying and run off stage! So incredible how she just got back up and carried on as if nothing happened!

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  6. I couldn't believe it when it happened! My heart completely sank! Glad she's ok :) Fab post.

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