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theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette | Review & Swatches

I bought this palette on a whim when I found  a 10% off Feel Unique coupon in January's Cosmo magazine. I had wanted it for a while, if not just for the gorgeous maroon colour 'Sexy'. Here's a little review for you all!

The Product

Eyeshadows, I have to admit have become quite a guilty pleasure, turned addiction of mine. The eyes are definitely the phase of my daily routine that allow me the most leeway to unleash my creative side! I adore fun colours, but also love a good neutral matte. To me, this is why this palette was perfect!

The colours themselves are all given fun names starting with S such as; Sexy, Silly, Stand-Offish - giving them a wonderful personality. The box is decorated with vintage styled illustrations of beautiful girls in the nude - their dignity covered by the eyeshadows themselves, of course. This imagery along with the fun, sassy (yes that's also a colour) names give this palette a delightful tonge-and-cheek charm.

The thing that stood out the most to me about this palette was definitely how pigmented and long-lasting the colours are. That really was a big plus for me, as in the the past I have spent a lot on eyeshadows to find that once applied to the eyes they barely show up at all. 

The selection of colours was also very impressive. Although primarily a nude palette (as you can probably guess by the name) it also includes a beautiful deep maroon colour (Sexy), a dark burgundy brown with purple glitter (Silly), and a gorgeous shimmery baby pink (Stand-offish). The palette also features an incredible dark matte brown (Sleek) which is perfect for a dramatic smokey eye look. The black in the collection (Serious) is by far the blackest black I have ever used!

Probably the thing that shocked me the most was it's weight. The packaging is cardboard-based and light as a feather. Before Nude 'Tude, my two most used palettes were Urban Decay's Naked 2 and Smashbox's Full Exposure, both of which are super heavy. This baby is the perfect weight for chucking in your bag for top-ups without weighing you down.

theBalm, nude, tude, 'tude, eyeshadow, palette, swatches, review
(L>R) Sassy, Snobby, Stubborn, Stand-offish

theBalm, nude, tude, 'tude, eyeshadow, palette, swatches, review
(L>R) Selfish, Sultry, Sophisticated, Seductive

theBalm, nude, tude, 'tude, eyeshadow, palette, swatches, review
(L>R) Sleek, Serious, Silly, Sexy

The Price

The palette is a little pricey at £30, but in my opinion worth every penny. If I had to throw away all of my palettes and just keep one, this would be it. Nude 'Tude is the perfect companion to take you from day to night in an instant with it's incredible range of matte and shimmery shades. I will definitely be repurchasing straight away if this ever runs out!

The Final Conclusion

I would 100% recommend this to anybody looking for a new palette to change up their look. It is equally as perfect for those who prefer the natural look, as for those who seek a little drama in their makeup. The pigmentation and longevity of this product alone easily make it worth the price. How did I ever live without this product? Those are my last words, and I'm sticking to them.

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Abigail x


  1. This is a really nice palette! It has some gorgeous colours in, particularly selfish & sophisticated. May just have to purchase!

    Gemma Louise | Just Little Things

  2. I have this palette too, and I love it! The only one that I'm not super into is Silly, but that's okay! The only thing that I wish this palette has is a matte highlight shade because I find myself pulling out a separate eyeshadow for that! Great review!
    Modern Beauty Girl
    Other Modern Girl

    1. Couldn't agree more, I feel like sassy is the perfect shade for highlighting the brow and cheek bones but is far too intense for the inner corner of the eye! Abi x

  3. The colours are amazing! It is a perfect palette for everyday makeup, you can do so many different looks with it :)

    Julia x
    | |

  4. This palette looks gorgeous, I really want to try more stuff from The Balm x

    1. I have so many theBalm products on my wishlist right now! What else have you tried out? x

  5. The colors are gorgeous and such pigmented finishes! I have been lusting over this aplette for ages!


  6. I have been wanting to get my hands on this palette for the longest time and these swatches are amazing! Looks like I'll have to go makeup shopping!


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