Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Review

philip kingsley elasticizer review

On any ordinary occasion, I wouldn't usually spend £15 on a 75ml tube of hair product, but the harsh winter weather and constant need to use heat on my hair to make it look acceptable have taken their toll. When I purchased the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer, a pre-shampoo treatment for damaged hair, I was searching for a miracle. Did I find it in this beautifully designed product? Keep reading to find out!


Just one use of this product and my hair felt immediately thicker and stronger. After years and years of bleaching, heat damage and far too regular washing, my hair needed some intensive treatment. After using the treatment for the first time I definitely felt the difference, one use of this product and my hair felt immediately thicker and stronger. A few washes later and the initial WOW factor had cooled down quite substantially. Although my hair does feel noticeably in better condition than it was before, it definitely wasn't as brilliant as I had first imagined. 

The product promises to improve elasticity, help soften damage and brittle ends and decrease flyaways. The flyaway point definitely had me intrigued as I have a tremendous problem in this area, however this didn't seem to make any real difference to them either. I also found that the product, even if used quite sparsely I find can leave a bit of a heavy residue in your hair, a bit like how your hair feels when you've only dried it around 90% and it feels kinda sticky. I can not fault that my hair has been feeling healthier since the start of the treatment, however unfortunately I'm not entirely sure it's completely worth the hype. 


This little 75ml bottle on its own costs £15. It is also available in 150ml (£30), 500ml (£55) and 1000ml (£75). I feel that if the product's RRP was more on the high street level then it would be completely worth it, the quality compared to the current price however, is questionable.


The product did also seem to go down quite quickly. Although this was the smallest size, it has almost completely disappeared after only 4 or 5 washes. This may be a problem for you if like me, you have medium-long or (unlike me) very thick hair! 


Overall this is a brilliant product for improving the quality of your hair, slightly. However if you are looking for the dramatically noticeable effects that this product boasts, I wouldn't count on the results.   In my opinion this is a good product, however I have tried many hughstreet products which have been just as goodie not better, and for a much more reasonable price!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope this gave you a few insights into this product! If you could follow my blog on bloglovin that would be incredible!

Abigail x


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