Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What's in my bag? - September 2014

I've seen these posts floating around a lot and so I thought I'd do a little 'what's in my bag' post myself!

The Bag

This bag is a DKNY black leather shopper bag. I can't remember exactly how much it cost but it was around £230. I bought this bag as a present to myself with the final paycheck of a very underpaid and overworked job, figured I deserved it! This is pretty much my daily bag. I decided to go for a more upmarket bag as my last daily bag was from topshop and broke in about ten different ways after only two months! The more you spend on something, generally, the longer it lasts. This bag is around six months old now and still just as perfect as when I bought it!

The Things in My Bag

Ted Baker Purse

I've had this purse for just over a year and I think it was around £90. Unfortunately it's suffering from some serious discoloration, I've seen this happen to a lot of other Ted Baker purses. This is irritating as I am a huge Ted Baker fan and all other Item's I've bought from their lines have lasted really well. I'd say if you were looking to buy a Ted Baker purse, go for a dark colour. 

Pink tartan notebook 

I am so in love with this pink tartan notebook! I am a great lover of interesting and fun notebooks however they are quite often a little on the pricey side. I picked this one up for only £5.99 at W.H.Smiths! 

 Book: City of Sin - Catherine Arnold

I have been dipping in and out of this book for months now. It's an incredibly interesting historical account of the sex trade in London from 80 AD to the present day! You wouldn't believe some of the things you learn when reading this book! Far more interesting than the history they teach you in school!

Ibuprofen & Rolos 

Both related to my toothache.

Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee

Or as it's also known, the best highstreet nude ever! I love taking this around with me, it's so perfect for touch ups on the go! The lip butter formula is super moisturizing and creamy. I'll be putting this in my August favourites so stay tuned for a slightly more in depth description!

Body Shop Born Lippy in Watermelon

YUM. This stuff smells delicious! Everyone needs a good lip balm to take around with them and this really does the trick! I love all things watermelon.

 Small Pocket Mirror

A staple in every girl's bags, pocket mirrors are quite possibly the best things ever.

My Trusty Rapunzel pen!

Seems to go everywhere with me these days, needless to say I'm never fumbling around in the bottom of my bag to find a pen, this one sticks out like a sore thumb!

My door key w/ Sparkly A charm

This adorable charm is from Accessorize and comes in all letters! 

My phone

Currently the iphone 4 but due for an upgrade V. soon (woop!) The bunny case is from H&M

There we have it, my very first 'What's in my bag' post. Not sure how great that was but it was fun to write! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Please follow me on bloglovin to never miss a post again

Abigail x


  1. your bag is gorgeous! Also, how adorable is your phone case!! x

  2. That Rapunzel pen is adorable. I keep pretty much the same things in my bag as you do. btw your bag is so pretty. I love it :)


  3. Really interesting post, stunning bag :) lovely blog, followed x



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