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Things Western cultures could learn from Morocco

Recently I took a rather interesting trip to Agadir, Morocco. Although a less traveled tourist destination, Morocco is full of colour and culture and many things to see. The Moroccan culture struck me as very different to my own for several reasons, mostly positive. During my stay several mannerisms and customs stuck out to me as both extremely beneficial and impeccably opposite to our society's own! So I decided to narrow them down to a list of just five, things Western cultures could learn from Morocco:

1. Slow the F down, Chill the F out!

One of the first things I noticed upon arrival of Morocco is how calm the residents are (this may have been something to do with it being Ramadan at the time of my stay, lack of food tends to slow me down too but it's still a good point!) Our Western culture is so busy, everybody always has somewhere to go, something to do, and they wanna do it fast! The hotel staff where I stayed weren't speedy or rushed but still gave impeccable service, taking time to chat to you and make sure that everything was okay!

 2. Get out more!

The streets and beaches of Agadir were always full with locals of all ages playing, exercising and having fun in the vast outdoor spaces. Compared to a to a typical highstreet in England, Agadir was miles away, there wasn't a smartphone in sight, young children were playing ball or running around using their imagination rather than sat in a corner playing candy crush on their mother's ipad. People were actually enjoying just being out and about chatting with friends or enjoying the sunshine. This is something that (unfortunately especially with younger generations) I feel that our Western cultures have lost, and would really benefit from regaining.

3. Exercise is FUN

I guess this could be linked back to my previous point but Moroccans LOVE their exercise! Despite the heat everywhere you looked there were runners, cyclists, people using the outdoor gym equipment scattered along the sunny beach strip. They were loving it. I feel as though in our culture, we either don't exercise at all, or exercise is used (at least among my own generation) for vanity's sake. The number of precocious twitter and instagram pictures I see captioned "GyM TImE~*~* (++Muscle, kiss & heart emojis)daily is beyond insane. In Agadir, people of all ages were just enjoying exercising with friends for the sheer love of it, and they're probably pretty healthy for it too!

4. Manners, manners, manners..

I don't think I have ever visited a place where everybody was so damn polite! People seemed to genuinely care about other people just as much as themselves. The liberation of being able to casually smile at somebody and knowing that they would smile back rather than look at you as if you had just offended them somehow, or just completely look away was fabulous! Everywhere you'd go people would greet you with a friendly 'Bonjour!' (French being one of the main languages there!), offer you a hand with a step or to carry your bag or just have a quick chat! It was brill.

5. Do not waste!

One of my favorite moments of the trip is when we visited the local marina. The fishermen had just come to shore and there were about 30 street cats looking up at the looming boat with big eyes. The fisherman then tossed all the remaining fish they had caught to the cats, ensuring especially that the pregnant cat and the kittens got to eat. They even gave them names! Another (quite frequent) experience was whenever we visited a restaurant out there. Dishes were usually served in big tajines and shared between a table. When a table wouldn't finish the meal, the waiters would come round and serve it directly on to your plate (needless to say, I at a lot when I was out there!) In our own culture tend to waste, a lot. We buy food we don't eat, clothes we only wear once, material goods we get bored of and just sit in corners untouched. I think it would definitely be beneficial to take this point on board! If not for ourselves, then at least for our environment!

So there we have it, five fabulous points we can take on from the moroccan culture! If you enjoyed this post please follow me on bloglovin here

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Thanks for reading!
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