Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Taylor Swift "Shakes off" the haters in new music video

The forever genre swapping queen bee of pop Taylor Swift recently released the music video her new single 'Shake It Off'. Taylor has been known to fall into the spotlight on numerous occasions for various different reasons, many negative and gossip fueled. This song is basically one big (and still modestly polite) middle finger to the media's perception of her. In previous songs, Swift has included spiteful messages to ex-boyfriends in her lyrics, however her latest single directected specifically at the 'haters', featuring lines such as 'I go on too many dates, But I can't make them stay, At least that's what people say'.

Primarily the song is about letting go, being yourself and not giving two f*cks about what anybody else thinks of you. The happy-go-lucky music video that accompanies Swift's upbeat song features several groups of professional dancers from ballet to street dance showing off their skills whilst Taylor prances around unchoreographed in the foreground. Perhaps this is a metaphor to let people know that she doesn't have to conform to what society and the media expects of her. One of the most commented on aspects of her video is the presence of the popular dancing style 'twerking'. Many people have suggested that in featuring this, Swift is promoting female sexuality, or negatively racial stereotyping. In my opinion, Taylor is simply saying it doesn't matter whether you agree with the dancing style or not, if it's what you like doing then go ahead and do it! Again, basically the message in the entire song.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Taylor exclaimed that this will be her "first straight-up pop album" and that it would be a rebirth for her music style. I other words, Taylor is going to 'begin again', many people might argue, in fact that 'everything had changed'. Okay I'll stop with the taylor puns now. I for one am very excited to hear the rest of the album, if 'Shake It Off' is anything to go by, it's going to be insane.

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  1. I really love this song, its so catchy and theres such a good meaning behind it :) just makes me more excited for the album! x

  2. I'm not a big Taylor fan but I really like what this song stands for! I agree with what you've said and I just think the song is meant to be relatable to everyone, and it's definitely achieved that!

  3. I'm never a fan of Taylor but I love this song for what it means. Brilliant song from her this round.

    Reflection of Sanity

  4. I love the video and I love the message behind the song, and the song itself ♥

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