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L'Oréal Préférence Glam Highlights Review

Like many other cautious ladies, I'm the kind of girl that likes to know all about a product before I go within an inch of it myself, even more so with hair dye. When the L'oreal Preference Glam Highlights came out I got insanely excited, especially as the poster girl for the campaign was the beautiful Blake Lively (aka my hair idol!).

Highlights are genuinely quite an expensive luxury to keep up when done by a hairdresser, but since the release of this product all I could think was 'well if I can do it myself, why the hell not!' So like always I leapt to my computer in search of a review. No review. Youtube? Yes, there were videos, but all were in foreign languages, not much use to me. Surely someone must have uploaded a photo to twitter or instagram? Nope. This was my basic nightmare. But my interest in the product wouldn't go away, so I decided to buy it anyway, this way I could write a review so other curious ladies could have all the information about the product that I so desperately yerned for! (If you're not a big reader I also posted a video on youtube here)

The box comes with 6 apparatus; Developer Creme, Lightening Creme, Lightening Powder, Applicator Brush, Gloves and Conditioning Shampoo. I mixed all the ingredients (cremes and powder) together and got ready to transform my hair. One thing to note that I wish I had known before I bought the product is that this is a bleach based product (This is not said anywhere on the packaging). Bleach is incredibly damaging for your hair, if yours is already quite damaged I wouldn't recommend it.

In the 'how-to' advert for the dye, the model effortlessly smooths on the creme using the applicator brush with great ease, real life? Not the case. The brush was quite awkward to use and did pull out quite a bit of my hair in the process! The instruction manual advises that to get the most natural look you should apply lightly at the top and more heavily towards the midlengths and ends. This was not as easy as it sounds. No matter how lightly you apply it to the roots, it will always have run out before you get to the ends. I have quite long hair so this might not be a problem for shorter hair. Another thing I wish I had known and will happily advise you on now, the back of your hair is incredibly hard to do by yourself, especially if you have longer hair! I highly recommend you get a friend to help you rather than struggling to contort your body in weird ways in the name of 'Naturally blended, Ultra-Glamorous' Highlights!

Colour wise, good and bad. My hair was quite brassy to begin with on the roots and under lengths, this product emphasized this intensely. However On the midlengths where my hair wasn't brassy the colour was fine. I diminished most of the brassy tones in one wash of Touch of Silver's Brightening Shampoo (left on for 30 mins instead of 5). If your hair is all over ash/beige blonde there shouldn't be a problem.Visually the colour was a lot lighter than I was expecting. As for the quality of my hair, as expected with bleach it's not great and needs some serious deep conditioning. 

All in all I think it's a really nice change to my hair. It doesn't look as though it would have done if I had visited the hairdressers, but is a much cheaper alternative! If I were to go back in time I would have applied it more scarcely to create more of a highlighted effect rather than leaning towards the monotonal scale. But very very good for a high street box dye! I would use it again, 3.5/5! 

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