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July Favorites 2014

 Today's blog post is going to be my first favourites post! Seeing as it is my first favourites I've chucked a few items in that I didn't purchase in July (however most were purchased last month!) To my knowledge everything in this post is still available in stores, enjoy!


Nars Multiple in South Beach

This product is absolutely wonderful. Didn't purchase it last month but there were some difficulties with the packaging so I only managed to try it out this month! Despite the packaging issues, the Nars Multiple is one of the most useful beauty products I have ever used! I use it primarily as a blush (it's super glowy and acts as a highlighter as well as a blush which I love!) It also looks beautiful on the eyes! ....

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush in Coral 

Another beautiful product! Perhaps the best blush I own! I was originally concerned that the shimmer could end up being too shimmery but it was absolutely perfect. The colour is a warm coral with gold shimmers which is beautiful for summer and really brightens up your whole look.

No7 Beautful Skin BB Cream in fair

This product is one that I have repurchased several times. I was going away to Morocco and I genuinely don't wear much makeup on holiday (just BB Cream and a lick of waterproof mascara) and needed a nice subtle coverup, especially for when I'm a bit sunburnt as it's not my best look. No7's BB Cream is by far the best I've tried. The application is quick, easy and even. It doesn't so much act like a foundation as it evens out your skintone (discolouration, redness, blemishes etc) but leaves freckles and beauty marks. The lightweight formula feels as though you are wearing nothing at all but leaves your face with a lovely health dewy glow! Sidenote to anyone thinking of buying this product: fair isn't that fair, if you are very pale I wouldn't suggest it.

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Pure Ivory

Another repurchase on the list, Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation is the best highstreet foundation I have tried, and I am known to be quite picky when it comes to foundation! The anti-fatigue effect comes in handy after long nights, and the dewy subtly shimmery effect that it gives really compliments tanned skin! Would recommend to anyone, this must be at least my 4th repurchase of the stuff and can easily say it is my go-to summer foundation! 

 Revlon Colourburst Matte in Striking Spectaculaire

I am constantly on the search for a red lipstick that suits my complexion (I've found not many do) but the Revlon Colourburst in Striking Spectaculaire really does the job! The matte effect leaves a velvety look and really looks great for both day and night!

MUA Matte Palette

 Please excuse the mucky packaging, it tends to happen whenever I come into contact with an eyeshadow palette! The MUA Matte Pallette is absolutely brilliant for so many different looks. The shades Penny and Fade are perfect eyebrow colours and the nudes are great for a minimal effort look. I was so surprised at how pigmented and long lasting the colours were, especially for a highstreet brand, and at £3 what a bargin!


Floral Zara Jacket

 I could have squealed when I saw this beautiful floral jacket in the Zara sale (my favorite kind of sale) The detailing is so beautiful and is going to work so well in the soon to be transition between Summer and Autumn. This is the type of item you could really dress up or down. So chic, and the best part? It was only £15!

Bright Pink Nike Roshe Run

I have been wearing these shoes at just about every possibility I get! I've worn them to meals, bars, shopping, running, I just can't get enough of them! I'm thinking I might do a 'How to style..' post on them, what do you think?

Other Things..

John Lewis Special Edition Sewing Machine in Fuchsia 

Although so far only used to fix clothes that were already broken, I fully intend to use this beautiful bright pink sewing machine (there's a lot of pink in this post..) for creating fabulous skirts and dresses and crazy designs so stay tuned for that!

Tangled/Rapunzel Pen

 My sister recently took a trip to Florida, whilst she was there she visited Disneyland (of course!) and bought me back a few pressies, one of which being this funky Rapunzel pen. Love it!

The VOGUE Factor - Kirstie Clements

This was this years holiday book and one of the most interesting autobiographies I have ever read! In just 14 years, author Kirstie Clements had climbed herself up the career ladder at Australian Vogue from secretary to Editor-in-Chief! I reviewed this book in full here in the form of a listacle about success in the work place, I suggest you check it out!

So there we have it, my July Favourites, hope you enjoyed it! If you did please follow my bloglovin here
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Thanks for reading 
Abigail x


  1. I love this post Abigail, I especially love the John Lewis pink sewing machine- it's sooo cute!! I started sewing a few years ago but now I've completely forgotten what I'm doing! I want to get back into dress making and actually make some clothes. I can't wait to see you're creations when you start sewing again too!


  2. Thanks for following me on bloglovin! :) I followed back! :)

    I love those pink trainers & would love to see a how to style post!! The sewing machine is awesome too!!


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