Sunday, 31 August 2014

CULT BEAUTY GIVEAWAY | Win Benefit, Liz Earle & Lee Stafford ♥ | CLOSED

If you are following me on twitter or read my cult beauty products post you may have already known about this rather exciting giveaway! If not, well you do now! I have decided to giveaway my six absolute favourite cult beauty products (tried, tested and loved by myself!)


Saturday, 30 August 2014

CULT BEAUTY GIVEAWAY | Win Benefit, Liz Earle & Lee Stafford | CLOSED

If you are following me on twitter or read my cult beauty products post you may have already known about this rather exciting giveaway! If not, well you do now! I have decided to giveaway my six absolute favourite cult beauty products (tried, tested and loved by myself!)


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tried & Tested: Cult Beauty Products

Cult beauty products, the ones you read about everywhere. Everybody's loving them and you probably really want to try them out too! I decided that I would give a few mini-reviews of my absolute favourite cult beauty products! I will also be giving away three of these products in a post later this week so stay tuned for that!


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Best & Worst Fake Tans of 2014

I am a major sunless tanning addict. I love my skin best when it's bronzed, I feel so healthy and exotic and I-just-got-back-from-holiday-honest-y. So I thought that I should do a few mini reviews on my fav (and not so fav) tanning products of 2014, enjoy!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Style Diary 25.08.2014


The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: from the Sidewalk to the Catwalk

This weekend I took an exciting trip to the Barbican to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. The exhibition entitled "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: from the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" (breathe) has been travelling around the world and enchanting audiences from all continents. I had wanted to see the exhibition for quite a while, so when I found out that it would be closing that weekend I just had to go!

Gaultier is the type of designer that you can see in his creations. The type that you could pinpoint an exquisite piece of couture to without even being told who it was by. He has a very unique and prominent style that captivates the minds and questions the norms of whomever lays eyes upon his work.


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Taylor Swift "Shakes off" the haters in new music video

The forever genre swapping queen bee of pop Taylor Swift recently released the music video her new single 'Shake It Off'. Taylor has been known to fall into the spotlight on numerous occasions for various different reasons, many negative and gossip fueled. This song is basically one big (and still modestly polite) middle finger to the media's perception of her. In previous songs, Swift has included spiteful messages to ex-boyfriends in her lyrics, however her latest single directected specifically at the 'haters', featuring lines such as 'I go on too many dates, But I can't make them stay, At least that's what people say'.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Skincare Routine - August 2014

Recently I realised I haven't done a beauty post in quite a while, so I thought I'd do a little post on my daily skincare routine. I've titled this August 2014 as my skincare routine is always changing and I can update it in the future, enjoy!


Monday, 18 August 2014

Ode to Wine

Dear wine,
This love affair between us has been going on for a good few years now and has only grown stronger with age. You are an appropriate date for all occasions, my friends like you as much as I do and you always look good by my side. Sure at first we had a few bumps, specifically caused by incidents of falling over, but we very quickly found our feet. I think it's fair to say we have a love-hate relationship and it can be somewhat confusing how you can simultaneously make me feel both better and worse about myself. Sure when I'm with you I have been known to make rather rash decisions and my deepest secrets suddenly seem like fun trivia but I think that people find that enchanting and quirky, or at least I do at the time. You make me feel sophisticated and classy like no other beverage. All in all you make me a better person. For one, I am never wasteful


Sunday, 17 August 2014

The 10 best Sex and the City moments

If you know me well, you'll know how much I absolutely LOVE Sex and the City! I have watched every episode at least four times now and I don't even class it as a secret pleasure, I am a fully committed, unashamed FAN. So I thought I'd put together a little list of my all time favourite Sex and the City moments! 


Liebster Award

So this morning I woke up to see that I had been tagged in my very first tag! (V. exciting stuff) I was nominated to be a part of the 'Liebster Award' which is a sort of introductory tag for bloggers with under 200 followers! I was tagged by the wonderful Amie at (who you have to check out!)

The idea of the tag is that the person previously tagged will ask you 11 questions to answer about yourself, in turn you then get the chance to ask 11 questions to 11 bloggers of your choosing, so here goes!


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Real Women Have...

Ever hear the saying 'real women have curves'? Of course you have, because it is shoved down our throats by just about every modern media platform around. If you were to comment on somebody's weight claiming that they were 'fat' or 'overweight' it would be considerably rude, but the media seem to be constantly shunning the skinny without a hair of a thought.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

L'Oréal Préférence Glam Highlights Review

Like many other cautious ladies, I'm the kind of girl that likes to know all about a product before I go within an inch of it myself, even more so with hair dye. When the L'oreal Preference Glam Highlights came out I got insanely excited, especially as the poster girl for the campaign was the beautiful Blake Lively (aka my hair idol!).

Highlights are genuinely quite an expensive luxury to keep up when done by a hairdresser, but since the release of this product all I could think was 'well if I can do it myself, why the hell not!' So like always I leapt to my computer in search of a review. No review. Youtube? Yes, there were videos, but all were in foreign languages, not much use to me. Surely someone must have uploaded a photo to twitter or instagram? Nope. This was my basic nightmare. But my interest in the product wouldn't go away, so I decided to buy it anyway, this way I could write a review so other curious ladies could have all the information about the product that I so desperately yerned for! (If you're not a big reader I also posted a video on youtube here)


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pharell Williams pays hommage to older women

After the release of his single 'Marilyn Monroe' in April paying tribute to 'different girls' all over the world, Pharrell Williams (aka the feminist whisperer) has done it again. Far from a young pup himself, Pharrell Williams, 41, has released his new single 'Come Get It Bae' in which he once again pushes the idea the different is good.

The video opens with the lovely expression 'Beauty has no expiration date' which is exactly the message that he is trying to put across throughout the entire video. The video features beautiful women of all ages dancing to Pharrell's upbeat tune, proving that no matter what age you are you can still be SEXY. I don't know about you, but I prefer this to the many other current popular music videos featuring young girls in barely-there bikinis dancing provocatively to songs literally based entirely on how great butts are. um.

So, Pharrell, thankyou for spreading the important message that there are many different ways to constitute as beautiful, that it's not just about age, looks or skin colour, That everyone can be beautiful, we love you.

Abigail x

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Things Western cultures could learn from Morocco

Recently I took a rather interesting trip to Agadir, Morocco. Although a less traveled tourist destination, Morocco is full of colour and culture and many things to see. The Moroccan culture struck me as very different to my own for several reasons, mostly positive. During my stay several mannerisms and customs stuck out to me as both extremely beneficial and impeccably opposite to our society's own! So I decided to narrow them down to a list of just five, things Western cultures could learn from Morocco:


Monday, 4 August 2014


So you might have noticed things are looking a little different around here, specifically.. everything. This is because I have decided to relaunch my blog (V.exciting stuff!) In doing this I've redesigned, renamed and re-just-about-everythinged! This is however going to be the same type of blog as it always was; 'Beauty, fashion and lifestyle from the eyes of a light-haired, quauter-life city-mouse!' I also aim to write more motivational posts focusing on success, body image and life lessons (if I happen to learn any!) and also post a lot more frequently. Let me know what you think of the new layout, design and blog name!

Best Foot Forward

Nike Roshe Run - Bright Pink
Click read more to see other shoes I've been wearing and loving this summer!

July Favorites 2014

 Today's blog post is going to be my first favourites post! Seeing as it is my first favourites I've chucked a few items in that I didn't purchase in July (however most were purchased last month!) To my knowledge everything in this post is still available in stores, enjoy!



Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ode to Broad Shoulders

I for one have always had very broad shoulders in comparison to my frame, it could be nature or you could put it down to the trapeze lessons that I partook in my childhood and early teen years (don't ask). Either way, they are most definitely there.

 During the majority of my teen years I spent endless hours fretting over them, totally self conscious that they made me look masculine, I would style my hair big with extensions to make them appear smaller, never tie my hair up and for the love of god, always avoided shoulder pads! However in the past few years I have learnt to love them. As the forth wave of feminism is in full swing, recent fashion trends have been all about the strong shoulder look with spaghetti sting and halterneck tops bracing the catwalks and high-streets, a modern take on the 80's shoulder pad movement perhaps. Big shoulders are quite literally, BIG. Some of the sexiest and most powerful women in the world, Kim Cattrall, Michelle Obama, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox to name a few, were all blessed with the broadness, would you consider them masculine?

So, broad shoulders, yes, sometimes you do make me afraid to wear kimonos and cardigans in fear that I may look like a square, but you are truly fabulous, fun and feminine, and I will continue to rock you with confidence and style.
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