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Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review

My shade: Mount Blanc/light 2

Finding the perfect foundation can be a troubling task for any woman - skin varies greatly through age, weather, time of year, general skin type and even odd factors such as the amount of pollution in the area that you live in, so surely it should impossible for any woman to be able to find this 'wonder foundation' that will remain their make up best friend no matter what troubles their skin might face - right? Well yes, that may unfortunately be the case, but I'm proud to say I think I've come close! *This is a post taken off my old blog. I have now repurchased this product 6 times so it has definitely served me well - would recommend to anyone!

Of all the make-up products I have own, I must admit a large proportion happen to be foundation. I will happily admit this craze is on the verge of becoming an obsession. However mildly embarrassing this may be, I can at least say that it has served me well in comparative knowledge of the highly addictive stuff!


I had been so desperately urging to try out the Nars Sheer Glow foundation about 3 months prior to being thoroughly persuaded by a close friend to do so - as my first pay package had finally come from my new job, and first pay packages are to spent souly on treating yourself! The foundation itself cost me £29.50 (and an extra £3 if you'll be wanting the pump) which was the main thing that had strayed me away from buying to product earlier. The most I had spent on foundation before had been just £25, and so buying a foundation that was £32.50 (including pump) definitely seemed a bit steep - especially as there was only 50ml of liquid in the container! This 50ml has so far lasted me a long time, I got the liquid in mid December and still have approximately half of the mixture left, which considering I usually get through foundation like nobody's business and used the foundation exceedingly generously for the first few weeks really has surprised me!


The shade I use is 'Mount Blanc' aka 'light 2'. I was very uncertain of the colour when the consultant matched the foundation to my face as I was aware that 'Mount Blanc' had the pinkest undertones of all the light shades, and I had previously always been matched to foundations with more yellow undertones. When I asked about this, the lady matching me explained that the lighted shade 'Siberia' would be too light the shade below would have been too yellow (as it is typically for Asian skin tones) and the shade below that would have been too dark for me. The shade 'Mount Blanc' although being the pinkest of the light shades has very subtle undertones, and the pink isn't half as visible as I had worried it would be, and I am glad to say matches my tone perfectly! (However since my obsession with fake-tan has taken over in recent months, I definitely need to be re-matched!)


As I mentioned earlier, a little really does go a long way with this foundation, however I would not describe the coverage as full or thick, but more as medium. It has a very lightweight feel to it, and not only look as though you are not wearing any foundation (and instead have naturally flawless glowy skin) but feels this way as well! Unlike some medium and many full coverage foundations, Nars Sheer Glow is very build-able but without the need to become cakey or patchy, which is great for a night out or long day when you'll be needing a little extra coverage!


Finally I am going tto talk about my favorite effect that this foundation performs, the beautiful dewy finish. Last summer I had been more weary of using foundations that were described as having glowy or satin finishes, as I tend to get very oily skin around the T-Zone, especially in the summer, and usually leaned more towards the matte foundations such as 'Stay-Matte' by Cliniqué and Mac's Studio Fix Fluid. However when winter left my skin looking dry, tiered and dull, I decided it was a good time for change. Since switching to Nars, I don't think I've ever received more compliments about my 'healthy', 'glowy' and 'radiant' skin, and I've never felt more confidant in my own skin!

I hope this article was helpful for anyone wanting to know more about Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, and I can't wait to try out and review more Nars products myself (their primer is definitely next on the list!) If  you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, or give your own opinion on the product in the comments below.
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