Friday, 13 June 2014

Desert Island Beauty Picks

So I've seen this question bouncing back and forth like Binky to Alex on made in Chelsea (this reference probs won't be relevant next Monday who knows man #independentwoman) so I thought I'd give a go at answering it myself. 

The question itself being 'if you could only take three makeup items to a desert island, what would they be, and why?' Aka slight twist on every job interview I have ever had. This question of course is a bit ridiculous - I think if I was stuck on a desert island the last thing on my mind would be makeup and the first thing would be absolutely nothing because it's a desert island. Idk I'd just hang out with my pores out but whatever.

So, in short. If a message in a bottle beached itself telling me that some crazy beautiful and totally lost Olympic swimmer was gonna rock up on my island and I had the option of getting three products sent to me (I would send a letter back asking for a plane ride outta there but that's no the point okay) this, I what I would request.. enjoy.

1. NARS Sheer Glow foundation

Probably in a much darker shade to my usual Mount Blanc as hopefully I would have got my tan on. Nars sheer glow is one of the products that has (sniff) stuck with me through everything. It really is my staple foundation. I have repurchased this around six times now, which is a pure record for me.. no commitment whatsoever. Nars sheer glow just really brings out the best in my face (and me, sniff.) I would say it's more of a medium coverage, and easily buildable to a fuller coverage if that's what you like, rather than the sheerness that it's name implies. I adore the glowy, dewy finish that this foundation leaves you with, so beautiful! Some might say this foundation is a tad pricey at £31.50 but as we're on a desert Island like who's gonna bill me, seriously? #diva I have a full review of NARS Sheer Glow here if you wanna know more about this awesome foundation.

2. NARS Multiple in South Beach

A great one for if you are ever obscurely limited to only three products in your life. The Nars South Beach multiple is a bronze colour with gold shimmer and rose undertones, so it works beautifully and effectively as a full cheek set; blush, bronze and highlighting megamix. You can also use this product on the eyes (which looks great) and the lips (which doesn't unless you're robo-Barbie, faaaar too metallic!) I love the formula as it's super blendable and lightweight and just brill.

3. Max Factor Clump Defy in Black Brown

Aka my favorite mascara ever. I'm guessing as I'm only aloud three products I should be going for a full face outfit rather than a random selection of my all time favs. No look is complete without mascara, imagine having all the base of the Nars foundation and multiple with naked eyes. Not gonna look great let's be real. I have loved Max Factor mascaras ever since I was 14 and I literally wore no other makeup on my face. It's been a real staple throughout my teenage years (sniff moment? I'm not sure). The false lash effect range in particular was always my favorite. I have pretty much tried every mascara in this range so when the clump defy came out I was ~*aLL over that! The black brown colour is super great as it just gives a lovely natural long lasting look which is easy to build for something a little more dramatic in the evenings. 

 So there we have it, the three make-up items that I would bring with me (or request) on a desert island. Totally unrealistic situations and all! Hope you enjoyed my post, there will be many more where this came from! 

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*This article was sponsored a few glasses of wine and the reading of far too many cosmo online articles.

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